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2 Agiou Dimitriou str.
P.C. 59100, Veria
Tel: (0030) 6932471771

Renavox is a private cultural organization with one and only purpose….to present the artistic creations of Rena Vox Athanasopoulou.

Renavox is a family project motivated and inspired by our love for life and the need for creation that provides us with ways to communicate with you all.

Renavox cultural events-publications covers the entire cultural spectrum of cd production and distribution, concert organization, theatrical and film productions as well as photography exhibition and book publications.

The creative team of Renavox happens to be the members of a creative… family:

The Father…..Theo Athanasopoulos.

Born in Piraeus and graduated from the Athens College of Professional Tourism. He worked in well-established hotels in Athens and was appointed general manager of the Congo Palace Hotel. He has been living in Veria since 1990. There, he was in charge of the OTE employees’ club till 1995 when he created the modern music café, ‘CAFE 2’, a place where rock music lives for ever and jazz and blues meet reggae and alternative sounds. Theo is actively involved in music/writing lyrics and is the creator of Renavox.

The mother…..Kelly-Maria Athanasopoulou-Katsarou:

Born in Karditsa and graduated from X.A.S.O.O, Department of Dietetics, Nutrition and Sociology. Since 1990, she has been living and teaching in Veria. She has been engaged in music, painting and photography.

The daughter…..Rena Vox Athanasopoulou:

… the reason and inspiration making all this happen……

Rena’s partner…..Yiannis Athanasopoulos (pure synonymy):

Born in Athens and a graduate of Manola Private College in sound recording in Athens. He has worked as sound engineer in television and music studios. He has attended lessons in phonetics and been a singer in various bands counting numerous concerts in his career.

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